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  1. SELL YOUR PLASMA FOR CASH   Well this is something i would not do myself, i suppose, but i have known at least one young man that did this and he always seemed to look anemic. I mean he probably was not anemic, but he just sort of looked that way to me. The website i have linked to here is a search page for blood centers.

    ►The United States have been hit by recession some five years ago but Americans always have ways to make both ends meet despite the hard times. Rodric Hurdle-Bradford wrote in his article "How Far Would You Go to Get Out of Debt? Blood, Sperm, Garbage?" the 4 clever options that Americans have been resorting to to earn extra income. And one of those options, my friends, is SELLING PLASMA. This may not sound new to everyone anymore. From students to working professionals to single parents – the plasma donation industry has been the saving lifeline to enable financially struggling citizens pay the dues. But how? Simple. Plasma centers pay as low as $20 for first time donors and around $40-$60 when you donate again. No degree or work overtimes needed – all you gotta do is go to a local plasma center near your place, be healthy enough to be an eligible donor and roll up those sleeves. The whole plasma donation process is longer than blood donation. If you're a first time blood donor, you may only spend an hour and this already includes filling up forms, screening and the actual blood donation. But if you’re a first time plasma donor, the whole process may take 3 hours, but subsequent donations may only take 90 minutes.◄
  2. SNAGAJOB   Here's another job provider website. This is a place for job seekers as well as job providers. You can have job listings sent to your inbox. It looks to me like an easy to use website.

    ►Some people would pay not to think about work, but at Snagajob – it's all we think about. Since 2000, we've made it our mission to help hourly workers find jobs they love—and help hourly employers find the best people for their jobs. Our passion has made us the number one hourly job site in the world. But it doesn't stop there. We continually develop innovative tools to help hourly workers and employers simplify their jobs and start living their dreams. That's sort of our "thing", and we're beyond excited about it. We believe everyone reaps the benefits when that perfect employee-employer match occurs. And that belief is ingrained in every aspect of our company—from every job seeker and employer we work with to each Snagger at our Richmond, Virginia headquarters. At Snagajob, we know that getting the right job isn't an ending. It's the beginning of something much, much bigger. America's largest hourly employment network for job seekers and employers. The #1 Source of Hourly Employment®.◄
  3. SELL AMWAY PRODUCTS   This is something i tried many years ago. But i was not the type of person who could make it work. I think this business plan is better suited to "people person". So, if you like selling to your relatives and friends, plus other people you might make some money with this, i don't know.

    ►Welcome to Amway! Our world headquarters located in Ada, Michigan, USA, stretches one mile from east to west and is comprised of 80 buildings and 3.5 million square feet of office and manufacturing space. More than 4,000 of our 21,000 global employee family work in Ada, the same small town where Amway began over 50 years ago. Want To Become An Independent Business Owner? Here's How: Step 1: Click the REGISTER NOW button below. Make sure you are with your IBO sponsor (the person who talked to you about starting your own business) or have their IBO number handy. If you have not been working with an IBO, we can assign one from your area to you. Step 2: Once you register your business, your Welcome Kit will arrive in a few days, but you can access the website immediately to set up your personal website, take training, and place product orders. Step 3: Review your new Welcome Kit and begin putting together a business plan with your IBO sponsor.◄
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